More cabinet space is probably the most common request anytime we do a kitchen remodel. You have to have a place to store your cookware, display your china, and keep your non-refrigerated food, but cabinetry is about more than just a place to put stuff. 

Your cabinets are the strongest visual statement that your home will make. They’re also the largest component of a kitchen remodel budget. Going into a project knowing what you want and what is feasible for your budget is essential. 

All cabinetry falls into one of three categories: custom built, semi-custom built, or stock cabinetry. 

Custom built cabinetry is your locally-made, fully customizable cabinets. They can be made in pretty much any color and material with almost no style or size limitations. If you have a unique living space that needs to accommodate new cabinets, this is probably your best option. While the idea of custom cabinets is appealing, not every project warrants the price or time constraints of installing fully custom cabinets. 

Semi-custom cabinets are a great compromise if you want more features than your typical stock cabinet, but don’t have the necessary time, or budget for fully customized cabinet work. While the basic structure for these is generally standard, these cabinets aren’t built until the order is finalized, giving you control over the style and finish. 

Stock cabinetry may sound boring, but if you can find a stock cabinet that fits the look you’re going for and the functionality that you need, this is the best option for a low budget or time sensitive remodel. Our team can fit these cabinets to your space, whether that means some creative carpentry on our part or repainting or staining the wood to match the rest of the space. 

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