Masonry is the art of building structures by laying individual bricks, stones, rocks, etc. Our masonry experts can create beautiful, artistic spaces that last decades and require little maintenance. Want customized, totally unique walls, floors, or home accents? Then you need to hire a contractor that has experience in masonry.

Stonework, while beautiful and long lasting, requires perfect craftsmanship and in-depth knowledge in masonry. It’s a labor-intensive artform, and it’s important to choose a contractor that you trust.

From The Ground Up Construction & Remodeling has a full-service masonry team. We provide the highest quality services and craftsmanship in rock, stone, brick, and mortar work. We have perfected the art of repairing concrete floors, building stone patios, installing outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, brick fireplaces, or any other type of masonry project you may have. We also use top-of-the-line materials from vendors with whom we have built valuable relationships, resulting in the best possible results for our customers.

Want to see why masonry is worth it for your remodel? Here are some of our favorite examples of masonry done right on our Pinterest.

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